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The Avthentic Story

[TRAILER] The Avthentic Story from Avthentic Films on Vimeo.

It has been a long journey to build this project.

I was about to stop everything back in the days when it began to smell so fucked up. Un-avthentic. Then I was lucky enough to learn from experienced people - Clovis, Nathan & Kyle to name a few - who helped me to figure it out. And here it is, a very short trailer. It begins at Oleron and Biarritz, and finishes in Paris. Pretty much where I am right now.

Thank you Steven, Clovis, Séba, Tristan, Eric, Mouth, Cyril, JB and everyone involved at a moment or another in this project.

What happens when you think to surfing every second but you live 500 km far from the sea? A surfing tragedy. Avthentic is the reason why I did not give up. It keeps me involved, or at least I feel like I do.

Thanks for watching.
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